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Buffalo Chicken - Our spicy Buffalo chicken sandwich, with greens and tomato on your choice of bread.

Falafel - Hamemade falafel pan-fried to perfection with tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, and pickled onions, wrapped in naan bread

BBQ Pulled Pork - Slow roasted pork with our housemade barbeque sauce, greens, tomato, pickled celery and crispy shallots.

STEAK & CHEESE - Shaved sirloin with sauteed peppers & onions and american cheese on baguette.

CAESAR WRAP - Wheat wrap with romaine lettuce, homemade caesar dressing and croutons, and your choice of grilled chicken or grilled portabello mushrooms.

GRILLED CHEESE - 3 cheese blend of American, cheddar and Parmesan, perfectly melted on hearty multigrain bread toasted to a crispy brown in our delicious garlic butter. Pairs perfectly with one of our homemade Soups!

TBLT - Turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomato and our homemade lemon-garlic mayo on your choice of bread.

ROOT VEGGIE WRAP - Roasted root vegetables (may vary seasonally), with caramelized onions, goat cheese and greens with our homemade creamy maple balsamic vinagrette.

CHICKEN SALAD - Freshly roasted chicken with walnuts, dried cranberries, and celery in our own lemony yogurt dressing, on your choice of bread.

CHICKEN BACON CHEDDAR - Grilled chicken, bacon, and melted cheddar with fresh greens, tomato and herbed mayonaise on your choice of bread.
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   Breakfast Sandwich
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